As an established manufacturer of plastic products for medical, veterinary and other purposes with a 50-year tradition, we provide both consumer products and niche products. We have invested in our own larger warehouse, which allows us to always have our products available.


Production in Clean room premises

Our production takes place in a clean room ISO7 and in accordance with international standards. One of our key advantages is exceptional flexibility according to customer needs, as we can produce larger as well as smaller special series of products.


Fast responsiveness and flexibility of production

Our production processes are optimized for production in a short time. We have injection moulding machines and extrusion blow moulding machines that allow standardized versions of the product or customized versions according to customer specifications. We also enable our clients joint product development and preparation of prototypes.

We prepare the products in our own packaging plant. Depending on the customer's wishes, we provide special packaging - if the customer wants multi-wrapped products or a selected quantity of products.

We also export our products abroad (Denmark, Germany, Croatia, Belgium ...).


50 years tradition